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Expected beta release still under development
License is the same as the Apache Software Foundation license, but with different copyright holder.
Summary unified scm statistic view
Category scm
License Apache License
Owner(s) oslautin


Scmstat alliws to have view through version control repository and extract valuable information the changes are being made.

Announced features:
- Tomcat integration.
- Subversion support.
- Web browsing.
- Easy to use user interface.
- Painless data gathering.
- Content adjustable linegraph.
- Derby data access engine.
- Platform independent.
- Compact empty middle packages

For the future:
- Pluggable reporting subsystem.
- Support multi-projects.
- Search engine.
- Support for multiple version control systems (such as ClearCase, CVS and Perforce).
- Support for multiple data access engines (Oracle, Postgrese, MySQL, etc)